Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Huckabee Would Make a Good President

I've been thinking about writing a post about how Mike Huckabee might NOT be a good president. But the reasons that he might not be a good president I feel are outweighed by the reasons that he would be a good president.

The very reasons that Mike Huckabee would be a good president are the reasons that Obama has not been a very good president. Huckabee for one knows where he stands and knows what he believes. I've never heard him waffle on his core principles and values.

Huckabee is a strong believer in America. On the Medved show last night, Mike Huckabee was talking about how America is STILL the greatest place on earth to live. He's lived the American dream and he respects the American dream unlike the current president. He does not make trips around the world bashing the United States like president Obama has. Huckabee's love of country alone would be enough to make him a much better choice than President Obama.

Mike Huckabee would make a good president because he's pragmatic. He knows how to work with Democrats in a way where he can get his agenda. Mike Huckabee also believes in the values that most Americans believe in. He believes in the sanctity of life and he believes in the importance of the marriage covenant between a man and a woman.

Huckabee is a very thoughtful person. Now if you ask the liberals, they thought that Obama was a thoughtful person. Well, I have news for you, Barack Obama has NOT been a very thoughtful person when it comes to many issues facing the American people. He rams through legislation that is harmful to the future of America and then plays the victim card when people come out and hold him accountable for it.

In conclusion, there are some things that might make Huckabee not such a great president, such as his tendency to maybe compromise a little too much with the other side. But there are more reasons that Huckabee would be an excellent choice for president and he would be a much better president than Barack Obama and I dare say for that matter Sarah Palin as well.


Gary Walter said...

Gov. Huckabee in my humble opinion would not make a good president- He would make a GREAT PRESIDENT. His support of the value of life from conception until natural death, out of the box creative thinking,10 1/2 years of governing experience, ability to get things done, ability to articulate and debate, and more make him far and away the best choice to defeat BHO in 2012 and serve as our next President.

Ghada said...

I am a conservative Republican. After watching Mr. Hackabee's show last weekend (telecast from Israel), I will not vote for him for President. I was particularly offended with him closing his show with the Israeli national anthem. He should be running for president of the United States and not for a puppet of the Israeli state.
It was a shameful pathetic display and downright treasonous.

Douglas Finn said...

Just my opinion here, but by saying that someone would be a good president because Obama isn't this or that is no real reason. By that logic, Bugs Bunny would be a good president because Obama isn't...

So, seriously, respectfully, can you give me some specific information on Mike Huckabee?

- What's his position on any given issue?
- How does his faith guide his public life?
- What are his ideas in regard to reducing budgets and shutting down Federal programs?

Really, respectfully: I honestly want to know. What kind of man is he?

nottphilos150 said...

This is such a bad argument on so many levels. Mike Huckabee for President is argued above that he would make a better president than Obama and going further and saying that he would be a great president.

For starters, he (the author) uses claims that are not proven or cited. An example would be the claim that Obama goes around the world bashing the US; that is absurd. He implies that the American public has standard morals, similar to Huckabee's like the union of marriage and that it belongs between a man and a woman (that most American's believe that). That again proves that the author is not accurate.

The whole argument favors toward a particular political group (the GOP) and claims Obama is not patriotic. In my opinion, this argument shows nationalism which is an unhealthy position for a state, especially in trying times such as the US is enduring. Obama is patriotic and the author tries to insinuate that he is not and that Huckabee is. Bogus.

To end, again, this argument has no value or real reasons Huckabee would be a good president besides that he is patriotic or nationalistic and that he represents beliefs of the ultra-conservative US.