Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sarah Palin Slips on North Korea, Calls Them Allies

Sarah Palin, in a recent radio interview, suggested we should "stand with our North Korean allies." To most people this may not be a huge deal and it's not really a deal killer in itself, but the problem is that it's a pattern that cannot be ignored. I think that if this was only the 2nd time she's slipped up on foreign policy concerns, it might not be a big deal at all.

The problem is that Sarah Palin repeatedly makes mistakes and "slips of the tongue" in the foreign policy arena. In my opinion, these foreign policy slip-ups do ad up to an elephant in the room when it comes to her being president and since foreign policy is the area where the president has the most at stake, voters should seriously take these mistakes and slip-ups into consideration before they cast a vote for Sarah Palin.

Of course we all know that if Sarah Palin were to get elected in 2012, she would have an grand group of advisors and policy hawks that would help her tune her message. But that's not till after the election. Until then she has to run on her own merit, and a slip of the tongue saying that North Korea are U.S. allies certainly calls Sarah Palin's foreign policy credentials into question.

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