Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mark Levin Suggests Federal Spending Amendment, Huckabee Should Embrace This

Last night I heard Mark Levin talking about government spending and how they're going to have to raise taxes in order to get their fiscal house in order. Then he suggested that there be an amendment to the constitution to cap government spending. I think this is a great idea. His suggestion is that government spending be capped at 17% of the GDP. I personally think that the government should be capped at 9.5% of the GDP as that should be plenty to run the federal government. Of course, if 17% is all we can get than that is fine too.

I hope that Gov. Huckabee will take an idea like this and make it a major position in his platform to run for president. He does sometimes seem to be a little egotistical and his idea of implementing the fairtax was certainly a novel idea and I admire him for being willing to "think different" from the run of the mill politicians, but he also needs to be really clear that he will get this crazy, out of control government roped in.

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