Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keep America the Beautiful Beautiful

America has not been called "America the Beauitiful" for no reason. America has been beautiful and when we speak of beauty we're not just talking about the literal beauty of the landscapes from the purple mountains to the alabaster city. We're talking beauty of soul, beauty of courage, beauty of strength and beauty of character. But most of us would agree that lately that beauty has been fading. No, it's not completely gone yet, but the beauty that was once there has faded some. The virtues of kindness, brotherhood and integrity are being replaced with things that are not beautiful.

It's becoming harder and harder to trust other Americans and don't walk around our neighborhoods with the same sense of security and trust that we once had. Something is happening to our nation and it's not pretty. The statistics may say that crime is going down, but the indications are that those statistics must be missing the story somewhere since every day I hear on the news of another murder, another rape, or something else that makes me wonder where that came from.

The tarnishing of America is not just in the lowlands either. The mountain tops and peaks of America that once stood quite tall and handsome in their beauty have developed cracks as well. Our politicians seem to lack any sort of shame for their scandalous activities. And most church pulpits preach not the soundness of the gospel or of the truth of morality but instead a morass of of social justice and liberation theology.

But America is not beyond hope. God has blessed America in the passed and He could and will bless America again if America wants to be blessed by Him. The choice is ours but we have to take Him up on the offer. We have to seek Him. We have to pray. We have to turn from the things that are not beautiful and remember that he can give "beauty for ashes."


Anonymous said...

Well said. Many people speak of the United States as our "once great country", but I don't agree with that at all. This is still the greatest country on earth, but there is no doubt that we have some big problems going on here.

There is no doubt that we are slipping, but we are not beyond hope. As you said, the most important thing that we can do as a nation is to remember God, and pray that He will help us.

I believe that all of us has a personal responsibility to make the US a better place to live, and it begins with acting responsibly and having more respect for the life that the Lord has blessed us with. We have all been blessed because we live in this country, and we should all work together to keep it free and beautiful.

DesignExcellante said...

Thanks for your comment again. I appreciate any feedback.

Kathleen Falk said...
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Shh... They'll never know said...

We should pray for our country, but that isn't enough to stop crime. Doesn't God love those who help themselves? Let's put more police on the streets instead of gang bangers by increasing taxes on the top to percent. Taxes for them are the lowest they have been in over 50 years. It's time for a change. Restore America to the glory our grandparents died for and God bless!