Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Will Mike Huckabee Run in 2012?

There's a of questions about whether or not Mike Huckabee will run for president in 2012. He's definetly got a lot going for him if he decides to win and I tend to think that he's got a good a chance as any of the current crop of Republican politicians at winning the nomination.

Of course whether or not he runs is up to him. But there are some signs that he's beginning to prepare for a run. According to the Blog, Mike Huckabee President, there's definitely some signs that Huckabee is going to run. Some of the things that they sight are his remaining very active in politics (which of course is quite true).

Whether or not Huckabee runs in 2012 is not a big deal. I hope he does run and if he does of course I'll support him. If he doesn't that is his own personal decision. He'd make a great president and I think that he could definitely help this country rectify some of the major problems that are only being made worse by the current set of politicians.

Is Huckabee without faults? That's like asking if he's human. Of course he has faults; I think sometimes that people hold politicians to a higher standard than they hold most people to. In fact, I think many people hold politicians to a nearly perfect standard. But of course politicians are people just like the rest of us and no matter how elite they act, they're really just as prone to fault and failure like the rest. However, Huckabee has been an effective leader for conservative causes and if he runs a solid campaign, I think he'll win the Republican nomination and the Presidency in 2012.

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