Friday, July 30, 2010

Vote Pro Life! Respect the Sanctity of Life!

Of course I'm not a one-issue voter, but when it comes down to choosing a candidate to vote for, I say to vote for the pro-life candidate. For instance, if you have the choice between two relatively good candidates who are both conservative on most issues,a good way to make your final choice is to look at the voting records of the two candidates and see who seems to favor the pro-life position in their voting. For instance, when the vote came down between Mitt Romney and John McCain, it was easy to see who had the stronger pro-life position though they may have not been the most conservative on some of the other issues. The pro-life issue is one that will ultimately show what a politician is made of since there is huge amounts of pressure on both sides of the issue and a conservative with real, solid convictions will come down on the side of life every time.

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FilisteeNola said...

I'd vote for a pro-life candidate if he or she had a plan for tackling the issue of unwanted pregnancy. Sex-ed reform, more funding for programs like Planned Parenthood that offer affordable counseling and contraception, more mentoring programs like Big Brother Big Sister, better education in general...a pro-life stance isn't much if you aren't ready to actually solve the problem.