Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still Like Mike, Been Busy Designing Websites

This year has been a busy year. I've not really had much time to update this blog or think about politics. For one thing changes in family life and everything that goes along with a growing family make it difficult to think about what's happening all the time in the country. Also the rise of the "tea party" has made the future of the GOP very questionable. Will we have a three party system before all this is said and done? To be honest, I don't think a two party system is the best answer to the protection of the constitution since the constitution of the United States of America, as to me I think it would result in the liberal party being constantly in Power. I think it's not unlikely that Mike Huckabee will run for president in 2012. If he runs, the recent polls certainly seem to make it look like he's got some pretty good things going for him. I wish him the best and of course may the best candidate win!

So as for the part of this post on designing websites, I've been working towards getting a lot more clients built up and growing my web design business. I know it's difficult sometimes to grow a business, especially when the economy is such that is has been. However, I've been working hard to grow my business and see what possibilities are out there as far as growth. If your company needs a website or you're wondering how much it would cost to get a web design done, visit Eagles Eye Design and look over some of our work.

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