Monday, March 10, 2008

Huckabee in 2012. They Shout YES!

By Grant Swank on Mar 8, 08

It’s 2012 for Mike Huckabee.

His daughter Sarah told media that they have learned a lot in this campaign try. Therefore, they're going to use it as resource for the next go-round. It's no time to quit, Huckabee assures his friends and colleagues.

Huckabee even projects being on a radio talk show whereby he presents the conservative principles he believes in. His convictions basically are biblical when it comes to moral issues. Therefore, Huckabee holds that he will have the evangelical audience for certain.

Moralists in general will take to his continuance, Huckabee reports. They will grow in concern, in knowledge and in power.

Huckabee says he wishes John McCain the best and will work for him. He has not been asked to be McCain's vice presidential running mate, but does not rule that out. He just has not been approached on that as yet.

Nevertheless, Huckabee is not ready to pack up his bags. He�s ready to keep going in strategic venues that will continue to carry his message.

He has strong faith to believe that he has a very dynamic contingency in America. And that block wants him to sit in the Big Office.

Time flies by quickly. It just could be that Huckabee could become a staple in national politics. One day he may live in that White House.

If it's up to Sarah, it's a guarantee.

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