Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Building Blocks... of Society

It's sad that Huckabee's out of the presidential race now.

America isn't ready for a Christian leader that lives out Christianity in his everyday life. Apparently America can't handle the idea of God in the public square anymore.

America was founded on the principles of Christianity. Liberalism infiltrated the church and now has infiltrated society. Slowly but surely the basic building blocks of a civil, Christian society are being destroyed bit by bit.

The first institution ordained by God, Marriage is under attack and liberals would like to completely recreate it's definition.

God created life and man has now the ability to destroy it in ways never known before. Abortion is now accepted by many. Abortion quickly degenerated into partial birth abortion. Some zealots for the "cause" of abortion would like to extend it to 18 months! So if you want to kill your 9 month old baby just because you don't like to hear it cry it's ok?

America, America... where is your heart? Where is your soul? Can't you see the direction of progressivism? Will I ever be able to be proud to be called an American again?

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