Friday, December 5, 2008

The Race Begins Now

Pretty soon (barring the unlikely event of his birth becoming an issue) we'll be inaugurating the furthest left president ever. The media is in the tank for Obama still and will continue to be for a long time coming. However, their being in the tank for him may backfire on them when things go wrong.

Pride Before a Fall
Michelle Obama has stated that America is a mean country. While that may be so, I think overall that I would say a greater sin that America faces is one of pride. I think we're in the process of being greatly humbled through the economic devastation. A nation that is proud can fall a long way.

Obama even admits that one characteristic he doesn't have much of is humility. He props up his ego in amazing ways in presuming that the presidency was his by creating his own presidential seal and now even with his whole "the office of the president elect."

Conservatives need to adopt an attitude of gratitude and humility. I believe that these where two characteristics that made Reagan a great man. He was honorable and had a distinct sense of humor and didn't stoop for crassness. Yet, even in his confidence, he was not proud.

If conservatives can present their ideas in a way that doesn't come across as condescending, they can advance their cause greatly and have a stark contrast between themselves and a president Obama.

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